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Welcome to the Hemblington Parish Council website.

Hemblington is a small parish close to Norwich in the district of Broadland and the county of Norfolk. It consists of the villages of Pedham, Hemblington and part of Cuttons Corner.

The parish council represents the local residents in matters including planning, provision of recreational facilities, crime prevention, footpaths, certain aspects of road maintenance, litter and open spaces.

Hemblington Parish welcomes the participation of local residents in the work of the council by raising questions with or passing on your views to your councillors through to full involvement by standing as a councillor.

This website provides information on the work of the council such as dates and minutes of council meetings, the names of councillors and the contact details of the officers of the council.

Next Parish Meeting

Our next Parish meeting will be on Monday March 27th at Heathlands starting at 7.30 pm. Parishioners are invited to attend meetings and speak on any parish matter.

Friends of Hemblington Church RSPB Birdwatch

For the birdwatchers, the Friends are planning to run the RSPB Annual Garden – well in our case Churchyard – Birdwatch again. We will be at Hemblington church on Saturday 28th January between 9.30 am and 2.30 pm. We will have information and pictures to help those not too sure about identifying birds and binoculars and telescopes to help spot them. Hot drinks and tasty snacks will also be available.