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Dog Waste Bins

Nothing seems to generate more letters to Focal Point and inflame opinions more than dog fouling! Hemblington Parish Council has two dog waste bins within its boundary. One at Pedham Green on Bonds Road and the other at the beginning of the footpath on Cuttons Corner. It has been pointed out to the Parish Council that dog bins in the area are often full to overflowing. The parish Council have looked into this and it seems that the most used bin is actually located at the crossroads near the noticeboard, which is actually within the boundary of Blofield Heath.

However, within Hemblington we have the opportunity to increase the number of dog waste bins, but would like local dog owners to comment if they feel an additional bin is necessary and if so, to suggest where they would consider another bin to be most appropriately placed. The existing dog bins are emptied weekly by Broadland District Council at no cost to the parish council. If an additional dog bin was provided £3.50 would be charged to the parish each week for emptying it.

If you have any suggestions regarding a suitable location, please contact the Hemblington parish clerk on 07838 832058 or email hemblingtonpc@gmail.com

Free Local Zoom Talk on “The Birds of the Lower Yare Valley”

Local author, astronomer and naturalist David Bryant is to present “The Birds of the Lower Yare Valley” on Thursday evening, 4th March at 7:30 p.m. David is presenting this on behalf of The Friends of All Saints Church, Hemblington, and it will be a real eye-opener about the many birds which live in or visit our lovely local landscape. To reserve a place, please e-mail info@spacerocksuk.com and David will send you the Zoom link to join the talk.

Free Local Zoom Talk Entitled “Bee-friendly Gardens”

Local bee-keeper Lynda Hunt will discuss “Bee-friendly gardens” on Wednesday evening, 24th March at 7:30 p.m. She will talk about her honeybees and the flowers they enjoy visiting as well as the pleasures of beekeeping. This talk is open to all, not just to Blofield & District Gardening Club members – all will be made very welcome. Please e-mail: blofieldgardeningclub@outlook.com and we will send you the Zoom link to join this free talk.