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Our Councillors

Details of the councillors, chairman and parish clerk are as follows:


Anthony Howe
Telephone: 01603 270360 or email tony@hemblingtonparish.org.uk

Vice Chairman

Bryan Slater
Telephone: 01603 715816 or email bryan@hemblingtonparish.org.uk

Parish Councillors

George Pickersgill
Telephone: 01603 928272 or email george@hemblingtonparish.org.uk

Andrew Burtenshaw
Telephone: 01603 270542 or email andrew@hemblingtonparish.org.uk

Mrs Caroline Ramsay

Richard Sargeant

Parish Clerk

Steven Ford, 101 Thunder Lane, Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich NR7 0JG
Telephone: 01603 433972 or email: hemblingtonpc@gmail.com

Parish Tree Warden
Richard Sargeant

Broadland District Councillors
Frank O’Neill,
Email: cllr.frank.o’neill@broadland.gov.uk

Chris Harrison,
Email: cllr.chris.harrison@broadland.gov.uk

Norfolk County Councillor

Andrew Proctor, 9, Lackford Close, Brundall, NR13 5NG
Telephone: 01603 715659 or mobile: 07833 533276 or email: cllr.andrew.proctor@norfolk.gov.uk