Welcome to the Hemblington Parish Council website.

Hemblington is a small parish close to Norwich in the district of Broadland and the county of Norfolk. It consists of the villages of Pedham, Hemblington and part of Cuttons Corner.

The parish council represents the local residents in matters including planning, provision of recreational facilities, crime prevention, footpaths, certain aspects of road maintenance, litter and open spaces.

Hemblington Parish welcomes the participation of local residents in the work of the council by raising questions with or passing on your views to your councillors through to full involvement by standing as a councillor.

This website provides information on the work of the council such as dates and minutes of council meetings, the names of councillors and the contact details of the officers of the council.

Meeting of the Parish Council

Monday 26th July, 2021 at 7:30 pm at Heathlands Community Centre

Friends of All Saints Church, Hemblington

Hemblington Nature Watch Week” – Saturday, 5th – Sunday, 13th June.  As part of the national “Love your burial ground week”, Hemblington will be celebrating the abundant wild flora and fauna to be found in and around the churchyard.  We would welcome your help on Saturday mornings, 5th and 12th June (10 am – noon), when we will be surveying and recording all the wildlife we see. 

Assistance will be on hand with identification.  The results will be sent to the “Caring for God’s Acre” and “Churches Count on Nature” teams. Click here for further information and view poster.

Covid regulations in force at the time will be observed.  Please bring along your own facemask.

Saturday, 12th June at 12:30 p.m. – local author and naturalist David Bryant will give a free illustrated talk in church on “The Butterflies of Norfolk”.  Each day there will also be displays of wildlife seen in the churchyard over the last few years, together with information from BADCOG showing “conservation management in action” locally.  Do visit. 

If you have any queries about The Friends group or taking part in the wildlife surveys, please contact the Secretary of The Friends of All Saints Church – tel: 01603 715 804 / Hemblington@gmail.com

Dog Waste Bins

Nothing seems to generate more letters to Focal Point and inflame opinions more than dog fouling! Hemblington Parish Council has two dog waste bins within its boundary. One at Pedham Green on Bonds Road and the other at the beginning of the footpath on Cuttons Corner. It has been pointed out to the Parish Council that dog bins in the area are often full to overflowing. The parish Council have looked into this and it seems that the most used bin is actually located at the crossroads near the noticeboard, which is actually within the boundary of Blofield Heath.

However, within Hemblington we have the opportunity to increase the number of dog waste bins, but would like local dog owners to comment if they feel an additional bin is necessary and if so, to suggest where they would consider another bin to be most appropriately placed. The existing dog bins are emptied weekly by Broadland District Council at no cost to the parish council. If an additional dog bin was provided £3.50 would be charged to the parish each week for emptying it.

If you have any suggestions regarding a suitable location, please contact the Hemblington parish clerk on 07838 832058 or email hemblingtonpc@gmail.com