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New Village Sign

Hemblington Parish Council was delighted to Inaugurate the new Village Sign for the Broadland village of Hemblington.

The sign depicts All Saints Church, Hemblington and the village’s predominantly farming and woodland features.  The Boot on the sign represents Jeremiah Cutton, who was the local shoemaker born in October 1850 who resided in Cutton’s Corner which is adjacent to the sign’s location.

The Ceremony took place on Saturday, 25th September 2021 at 12 noon with the cutting of a ribbon by Sue Smith, local resident who won an original competition to create the initial design, which was then manufactured by local resident Caroline Ramsay.

The Ceremony was attended by Broadland District Councillors, Nigel Brennan, Hemblington Parish Councillors, honoured guests who contributed to the sign’s installation and parishioners.

Caroline Ramsay, Parish Councillor created the sign coached by Mitchell House, Sculptor based at Alby Crafts near Aylsham.  Mitchell House thereafter continued tutoring Caroline into the art of casting Bronze Sculptures which she has now successfully undertaken several commissions.

Caroline commented that “The sign was originally modelled from clay, from which a mould was created to allow the final sign to be cast from then painted”.   

The sign is erected on wrought steel manufactured locally by Mike Harvey at Woodbastwick Forge and the brick plinth base by Roger Pointer and his team from A1 Maintenance Services. Hemblington is a very small village with few amenities and had never had its own village sign, so it is a historical day in the village calendar.

Concept for new sign

Following a competition held in the village to come up with a concept for a new village sign for Hemblington, parishioner Sue Smith’s design was nominated who lives in Cutton’s Corner whose original layout is shown below.

village sign

Click here to read the full story of how the sign was created and installed.

village sign