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Hemblington Parish Council, 1969-2019: 50th Anniversary Celebrations

The fiftieth anniversary of HPC was celebrated on Saturday 20 July 2019 at All Saints’ Church, Hemblington. Following a short talk on the history of the Council by its Chairman Professor Anthony Howe, an exhibition of Hemblington History to mark the Anniversary was opened by the chairman of Broadland District Council, Councillor ….


The main text of the talk may be found here:

The History Exhibition included a display relating to the work of the Council, including a photograph of its inaugural meeting, a minute book of the annual parish meeting from 1894, and of the first council, documents relating to the conversion of ‘Pedham Pit’ into Pedham Green, and to preparation for nuclear war in 1980, and an example of the Millennium mug presented to all local households by the Council.

The Norfolk Record Office also kindly loaned the following documents:
PD318/1 Baptismal register, 1562-1812 [link]
PD 318/2 Baptismal register, 1813-1939 [link]
PD 318/5 Marriage register, 1839-1964 [link]
PD 318/24 Burial register, 1814-1992 [link]
PD 318/20 Churchwardens’ accounts, 1825-1854 [link]

An extensive collection of photographs of local life was displayed in the form of a powerpoint slideshow.

A collection of local maps revealed the changing settlement pattern and growth of the village, as did a collection of aerial photographs kindly loaned by Andrew and Valerie Broad. The earliest of these was a copy of the 1589 map of Mousehold Waste, later Heath (from the National Archives: https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C5148349 ) of which Hemblington was originally part.

Display boards chronicled the autobiography of the local farm boy and future police officer Arthur Jermy (d. 2014 aged 88).

A series of displays related to the history of All Saints Church, including the early 18th century silver Heath Flagon, terriers relating to church property, and numerous items relating to the fabric of the church and its preservation, as well as the work of The Friends of Hemblington Church,.

Two sections were devoted to People and Places: Pedham and Hemblington. These included an extensive display relating to the Hylton family of Pedham. Pedham Dam as recalled in lyrical romantic vein by James Smith in 1845, shops and local farms, especially Gables Farm, and a series of photographs of the pupils of Hemblington School. Artefacts included interesting games played at village fetes.

The Exhibition, open from 21 -28 July, was attended by well over 200 people, many of whom left comments in a commemorative book.